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Within the savage air wrestle over Guadalcanal after which the both bloody air battles up Solomon chain, New Georgia and Bougainville, thirteenth Fighter Command took a again seat to Marine aviation in body of workers, gear, offer, operations, and exposure

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Despite their new success as fighter-bomber pilots, the 67 th considered themselves fighter pilots, trained for air combat. But during every Tojo Time they were sent out on ground support sorties or to interdict suspected supply and troop concentrations, or to go after targets of opportunity. These missions would put them out of danger from falling bombs and marauding Zeros. Before long the firepower and low-altitude attack capability of the P-400 and the competence of the pilots led to outstanding results that were directly appreciated by the Marine infantry below.

Adm. Ghormley had also asked MacArthur for P-38s, but MacArthur was under pressure from a threatened Japanese invasion at Port Moresby, New Guinea. He had only 18 P-38s himself and, in turn, asked Ghormley to lend him some of his four aircraft carriers! Neither gave in. Gen. Roy Geiger, who announced that MAG-14, with two combat squadrons and a 42 Maj',Gen. " (USMC) Part Two, Chapter 3 - September 1942 67FS Patsy Flight P-400 'Whistlin' Bntches" starboard landing gear is being serviced. There is a hydraulic jack supporting the wing and the mechanic is holding the wheel and strut.

John Thompson (67FS): "Japanese canned food was always an adventure, as the labels had come off, but that didn't make much difference, as they were in The 'Tojo Ice Company" was a Japanese ice-making facility that was captured in tact. (Lansdale) 31 13th Fighter Command in World War II Japanese anyway. But sometimes there were pictures of the food inside. The daily ration of a package of Japanese cigarettes was the saving grace for many men. They were also issued a box of 'pogey bait' (Japanese caramels) once a day.

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