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The Art of Checkmate

Thorough class of 23 mating events, together with Legal's pseudo-sacrifice, the double fee, smothered mate, Greco's mate, the hall mate, etc. study from 127 video games by means of Tartakower, Janowski, Rubinstein, Blackburne, others, illustrating positional maneuvers resulting in those pals.

Winning With the King's Gambit (Batsford Chess Library)

This can be the easiest e-book written in regards to the King's Gambit, written through the fellow who understands the topic in and out: Grandmaster Joe Gallagher.

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Dxc5! dxc5) which is favorable for White. Bb2 e5 The capture of space is accompanied by the weakening of Black’s hinterland. b6!?. N A novelty. Vladimir with good reason sees no point in taking preventive measures in this position. Nxf6+! Qxf6+Zhukova,N-Skripchenko Lautier,A/Belgrade 2000/1-0 (37). Bg4. , which does not equalize the position either. Nd5! No notice is paid to the h2-pawn! Rxd5! Qh5 Bf5! Qh5 Bf5? Rc1 and the champion would have had to play to his best technique in the opposed bishops’ ending.

Bg5. Qxb7 Ng4 The queen is difficult to catch, but Black gains a long-lasting initiative for the sacrificed pawn. g3 Rfb8! Qa6 Bf6 with sufficient compensation. g3? Ne5! Qxa7? Qb7 Nxf3+! Rf2 Nb3 /+. Bd4!? Qc2 Rxf2?! Qc4! Nxf2? Qxd4!! Rab1 followed by a mate on b8. Qc2 c5, and Black’s pieces occupy active positions. Rf1 Nxh2! Kg3 g5!. Qh5 With an obvious threat of Qh4-g3. Nf6, and in case of the queen exchange, Black wins the pawn back. Qg3 again. Qe2 h5 Maybe he will slip up at last?! Ne3! Morozevich regains the material.

But it worked! Black is better. Ba1 c5 Black allows White to carry out his plan. Rf3 Be8 looks more natural. Rxe6 Kd7! Ba3. e6! c4! Rf3 Bb4. Nxg7 The position is becoming more and more complicated. White has regained a pawn. He is going to finish his meal on Black’s kingside. However, Black’s trumps - a pair of bishops and the a5-passer - look stronger so far. Rd5!? Be5! c3! Gotcha! Nhg3 White is planning to capture Black’s c3pawn. Rd3 Nd2! Re1 Re8, with a slightly better position. Rde1 Rfe8 Hard time trouble set in at this point.

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