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The Art of Checkmate

Thorough category of 23 mating occasions, together with Legal's pseudo-sacrifice, the double money, smothered mate, Greco's mate, the hall mate, etc. examine from 127 video games through Tartakower, Janowski, Rubinstein, Blackburne, others, illustrating positional maneuvers resulting in those pals.

Winning With the King's Gambit (Batsford Chess Library)

This can be the easiest booklet written in regards to the King's Gambit, written through the guy who understands the topic inside and outside: Grandmaster Joe Gallagher.

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D6 was better. g3! The g6-knight can relax! White is clearly better. Nh8! Such original maneuvers are often seen in Morozevich games! c5! Veselin is methodically improving his position. His light square bishop is heading for c4. gxf4 d6 Black is trying to break loose from White’s positional grip. Kb1 h5 An obscure idea. Bg4!? deserves attention. Nf5 also looks very strong. Bd5 Little by little, Black’s position has transformed from worse to losing. Morozevich tried to confuse his merciless judge.

Rad8! c4? , winning the piece. Nd3 Rd8! Rff2, preparing Nf4. Be2 Leko’s play for the last fifteen moves has been consistent and strong. But at this point Peter’s patience is wearing thin, and he makes a hasty decision. Be4!? he might have blocked the white rook in order to fight for a win. h6 does not look bad either. Kxc2? Rxe2! Kxe2 h6, White is left without the pawn. Ka2, where, thanks to the passed h-pawn, White’s chances were no worse, and he signed a peace deal. 1/2-1/2 Round 7 (Iliya gorodetsky) If not for Topalov, the Dortmund tournament would have lacked any intrigue.

After yesterday’s battle with Anand, Veselin needed some rest. The fate of the first place in this event will be decided in his game with Adams. July 21, 2001 Adams - Morozevich 0:1 Leko - Topalov 1/2 Kramnik - Anand 1:0 Kramnik - Anand This game demonstrated one more time that Anand has been unable to play on his former high level. c4 dxc4 The champions continue their old theoretical battle. They played the Queen’s Gambit Accepted five times in their rapid chess match in Mainz. Bb3 This is the most fashionable variation nowadays.

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