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The Art of Checkmate

Thorough class of 23 mating occasions, together with Legal's pseudo-sacrifice, the double cost, smothered mate, Greco's mate, the hall mate, and so on. research from 127 video games by way of Tartakower, Janowski, Rubinstein, Blackburne, others, illustrating positional maneuvers resulting in those associates.

Winning With the King's Gambit (Batsford Chess Library)

This is often the simplest publication written in regards to the King's Gambit, written by way of the guy who is familiar with the topic in and out: Grandmaster Joe Gallagher.

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Qxd5 White agrees to a draw. This outcome was expected by many, but nobody could have anticipated the fight, that had preceded this result. Both opponents showed themselves at their best. Karpov’s fans could take it for granted, but nobody expected such creative play from Leko! If only all his draws were like this one…...

Be3 - the exchange of the dark-squared bishops is very important. Rff1 Na6 with mutual opportunities. h3 Qh4 followed by Qg3. Nb7?! This is a somewhat ugly square for the knight. Na6 looks more natural. g3 f4! f4 Black has implemented her plan. What is next? Nc7 The knight continues his amazing trip. He is heading for the e6-square! If Black’s knight had been on a6, this would have been out of the question. Re7? Ne6! Bc3. White is winning the exchange and taking Black’s rear with his queen. Ne6 Ra8!

However, Judit kept her head! First, she sacrificed a pawn, then tossed a piece in the looming time trouble and managed to confuse the great. Ba3, winning in both cases (see my comment in the game). f5!! and launched a dangerous counterattack on the Black king. To avoid the worst, Garry took the perpetual check. Thanks to both opponents (especially Judit) for an interesting game. Nc3 Qb6 After a crushing defeat from Kasparov in the 4…e6 line, Karpov is taking the off-road route. 0-0 Bg4 Grischuk is following in Sutovsky’s footsteps.

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