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By Raffi Yessayan

The harrowing scene is usually an identical: the house of a unmarried lady, no indicators of compelled access, no facts of an interloper, and no victim—only a bath jam-packed with blood. Newly promoted murder detective Angel Alves desires to make his mark within the division and a distinction at the streets, yet monitoring this elusive serial killer sorely demanding situations his dedication and abilities. in the meantime, assistant DA Conrad Darget has his personal fingers complete mentoring an bold younger legislation pupil and rallying his fellow lawyers of their day-by-day court battles. With every one new assault the twisted secret simply deepens, and the starvation for answers—and action—intensifies. No sane brain may possibly understand the darkish layout at the back of all of it. And not anyone can count on the ultimate fateful strokes that might result in a surprising endgame.

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He followed the same procedure with the other carotid artery as well as both femoral and axillary arteries. The tubes were connected to a gravity tank suspended four feet above Susan’s head. The ten-gallon tank was filled with straight thirty-index arterial fluid, the strongest solution on the market. He had “acquired” the embalming materials from the same funeral home where he had bought the table. They had a full stock of fluids and powders, although they weren’t for sale legally. A late-night visit with bolt cutters and the discipline to take only what he needed before he replaced the padlock with his own assured him that the theft would never be detected.

And she got to meet Conrad Darget. There was no pretense with Connie. The combination of his clean-shaven look and his muscular body was a nice bonus. And there was that excitement, that helplessness she felt when he hugged her, like there was no escape. His eyes were the most unusual she’d ever seen: two different colors, one hazel, one blue. The two together were beautiful—mesmerizing, she liked to think, like each held a separate part of his personality. The logical prosecutor. The thoughtful man.

He moved out of the light and stepped into the dining room, stopping to look at the family pictures on the mantel. The built-in hutch, with its leaded-glass doors, was filled with old-fashioned teacups and saucers. The dining room led into the kitchen and back around to the front hall where he had entered. He’d completed his private tour of the lovely old Victorian. Now he had more important things to attend to. Richter made his way up the stairs. The moonlight shining through the stained-glass window on the landing created a kaleidoscope of muted color on the pine floors.

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