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A detailed come across: The Marine touchdown on Tinian by way of Richard Harwood

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Spruance; LtGen Holland M. Smith; VAdm Richmond Kelly Turner; MajGen Thomas A. Watson; and MajGen Clifton B. Cates. Marine Corps Historical Collection B-29s were hitting the Japanese main- land. Over the next year, according to numbers supplied by the Air Force to historian Carl Hoffman, the B-29s flew 29,000 missions out of the Mananas, dropped 157,000 tons of explo- sives which, by Japanese estimates killed 260,000 people, left 9,200,000 homeless, and demolished or burned 2,210,000 homes. Tinian's place in the history of warfare was insured by the flight of EnoIa Gay on 6 August 1945.

Chapin, The Fourth Marine Division in World War II (Washington, August, 1945); John Costello, The Pacific tor of The Washington Post in 1988. He now writes an editorial column for The Post which is distributed nationally by the Los Angeles TimesWashington Post News Service. S. Marines from 1942 until 1946, and spent 30 months in the Pacific. As a radio operator in the War (New York, 1981); John Dower, War Without Mercy: Race and Power in the Pacific War (New York, 1986); Maj Carl W. Hoffman, Saipan: The Beginning of the End (Washington, 1950); Maj Carl W.

This cruiser was sunk in 1943. The ship the admiral boarded was its successor, the heavy cruiser Helena (CA-75). On page 27 of Liberation: Marines in the Recapture of Guam, the 77th Infantry Division patrolled hills to the east, rather than to the west. The date of the action which merited a Medal of Honor for PFC Harold C. Epperson is 25 June 1944, not July, as stated on page 30 of Breaching the Marianas: The Battle for Saipan ft / 'A' 945 ifl WORLD WAR II 91 W \Aj (I ton, 1966); Ronald H. Spector, Eagle Against the Sun (New York, 1985).

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