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By Lauren Haney

A vile rumor sweeps around the barren region like a quickly collecting sandstorm: Queen Hatshepsut plans to disband a lot of her frontier military and rework its fortresses into storehouses. the coming of Amonked—the Queen's cousin and Storekeeper of Amon—at town of Buhen convinces an uneasy Lieutenant Bak of the Medjay police that the whisperings that experience alarmed the population are actual. Then, an afternoon after Amonked inspects the neighborhood garrison and departs, a physique is located stabbed in the home the place he and his get together rested. The slain guy was once a neighborhood prince, liked via his humans, so Bak travels upriver to hitch the caravan and examine. although not anything tangible connects Amonked and his humans to the heinous act, Bak's inquiry quickly sheds a tense gentle on an inexplicable crime. For the clues recommend that twisted honor and vengeance lie at its root . . . and a stunning mystery, secure through homicide and silence, which may itself silence the truth—and Bak—for eternity.

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We’re fully aware,” Amonked said, “that we’ll have to transfer to donkey caravan and march through the desert along the Belly of Stones. ” Thuty stared hard at Amonked for some moments, as if measuring the man. Suddenly his eyes leaped toward Minkheper. “Our harbor here is small, as you’ve seen. The fortress of Kor has only one quay, always in full use. ” He left no room for doubt: so many ships would not be welcome for an extended period of time. “The presence of our vessels may cause some inconvenience,” Amonked stated before the captain could respond, “but they must remain here.

If I were you, I’d spare them not at all. ” The man’s words, his imperious tone rankled. As far as Bak was concerned, only he had the right to reprimand his Medjays. “You are . . ” He pushed his way past the man, reclaiming his office. Another stranger stood inside, another officer from the look of him. The swarthy man gave Bak a haughty stare. “Lieutenant Horhotep. ” Nebwa leaned a shoulder against the doorjamb, blocking the exit, and examined the adviser as he would an interesting but rather distasteful specimen dug from a muddy riverbank.

Amonked’s voice held an edge of irritation. “I’ve been storekeeper of Amon for almost ten years. ” Thuty crossed the threshold and followed a guard into a 48 Lauren Haney large room. If the reproach troubled him, he gave no sign. “The items you see here will remain until suitable transportation and security can be guaranteed. ” The remainder of the party followed, with the second guard bringing up the rear, keeping a close eye on the visitors. Flickering torchlight fell on baskets and jars and sacks and woven reed chests stacked in rows, sometimes precariously high.

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