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By Beth Revis

Godspeed used to be fueled by means of lies. Now it's governed by way of chaos. it has been 3 months due to the fact Amy was once unplugged. The lifestyles she regularly knew is over. And all over she seems, she sees the partitions of the spaceship Godspeed. yet there could be desire: Elder has assumed management of the send. he is ultimately loose to enact his imaginative and prescient - not more Phydus, not more lies. but if Elder discovers stunning information in regards to the send, he and Amy race to find the reality at the back of existence on Godspeed. they need to interact to liberate a puzzle that was once set in movement thousands of years past, not able to struggle the romance that is growing to be among them and the chaos that threatens to rip them aside. In publication of the around the Universe trilogy, manhattan instances bestselling writer Beth Revis mesmerizes us back with a brilliantly crafted secret jam-packed with motion, suspense, romance, and deep philosophical questions. And this time all of it builds to 1 mind-bending end: they must get off this send.

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She offers me the floppy, but I don’t take it. “Our food supplies are dangerously low. ” I open my mouth to speak, but she continues in an even voice. “We have crime now. Never had it before. But now we do. Domestic violence, theft, vandalism. With Phydus—” And there it is. Doubt. They trust the drug more than me. “I’ll take care of the people,” I say, my voice firm. ” “But Eld—Elder,” Marae says, resting one slender hand on my arm. “Why bother? They don’t need to be anything but workers. ” I grip the edges of the floppy.

Marae nods curtly, and Prestyn heads to the door, already barking orders into his wi-com. “I’ll check all our security feeds,” Second Shipper Shelby says. “And we’ll need to start researching methods to add increased security to the floppy network,” Marae says. The rest of the Shippers break away from the group, a buzz of activity already drowning out the sounds of the churning engine behind me. Marae touches my elbow and draws me aside. I can still see the bright white words on the floppy, mocking me.

I’m not confident enough in her words or my position to ask what will happen if my latest suggestion fails. I know the first-level Shippers better than nearly anyone else on this ship, even though I’ve only worked with them in the months since Eldest died. I can read their faces. Haile and Jodee and Tailor are nodding along with Marae, eager to accept this role. Prestyn, Brittne, Buck, and even Second Shipper Shelby look wary. I know they will follow Marae, though, even if they wouldn’t follow me.

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