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By Robert Asprin

Captain Willard Phule has whipped his troops into form, turning Phule’s corporation from the laughingstock of the Legion into…a crack workforce of on line casino safety guards. Now his corporation is deployed to aid an underdeveloped planet. And what larger method to make the most of their significant region of expertise—goofing off—than to show the planet into the largest intergalactic playground ever?

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The woman spat on the floor, then grinned crookedly; Phule could see that she was missing several teeth. "You can call him your own, but his fat ass is ours, soldier boy. " "We gonna slice it three ways," said the big man, leering evilly. The third man spoke for the first time, in a rasping low voice made even more sinister by his absolute deadpan delivery. " He patted a sheath on the belt of his jeans, where the handle of a vibroblade could be seen. "You not getting close enough to do that," said Tuskanini, and as he spoke, a loud whistle came from behind the three Renegades.

She already knew exactly what the general would want from his superiors. Sometimes, the job had its rewards, after all. " said Mess Sergeant Escrima, looking up from a shipment of fresh asparagus that had just arrived. The sprouts were young and tender, a miracle of hydroponic agriculture and genetic tailoring, but Escrima was still inspecting them as critically as he did every item of food that passed through his kitchens. " "Nah, Sarge-wherever Soosh is hiding, it's a good spot," said Do-Wop, stopping at the end of the counter where the asparagus was laid out.

Let's hope he's not selling our markers to the Yakuza. I hear those boys play really dirty with deadbeats. So hurry up and find him-I don't like owing him three months' pay, and he's one of us. " "Yeah, at least Soosh won't break your legs if you miss a payment," said Do-Wop. " "Sure will," said Escrima, nodding. " "I could use that in more than one department," muttered Do-Wop as he went out the door. Escrima didn't answer; he had already turned his attention back to, that evening's meal. "Come on, this is ridiculous," said Brandy.

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