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20 2. Phonology /i/ in क /ki/ [ki] ‘what’ [ɪ] in आ ले /æslɪ/ [æslɪ] ‘come-PST-3’ /e/ in से /se/ [sɛ/e] ‘ABL’ /æ/ in -ला /-læ/ [læ] ‘-PL’ /u/ in छु /cʰ-u/ [cʰu] ओ /o/ in मोर /mo-r/ [mor] ‘be-PRES1sg’ ‘1sg[obl]-GEN’ अ /ʌ/ in घर /gʰʌr/ [gʰʌ̤r] ‘house’ Figure 1. 2 Vowel sequences and diphthongs I will attempt a brief analysis of the vowel sequences and diphthongs here, though I must state that further research is required in order to reach a final conclusion on the issue. " (Laver 1994:146) "The term 'diphthong' is often used more broadly to denote any sequence of tautosyllabic vowels.

Especially when discussing case, it was essential for purposes of clarity to discuss case inflection and case-marking clitics in the same section. g. case particles, auxiliary verbs) entering into paradigmatic contrasts. There are compelling reasons to do so. For one, the line between such analytic elements and agglutinative affixes is uncertain, particularly since the former are generally ancestral to the latter.

4 Moreover, if [ɪ] does indeed have phonemic status in Rājbanshi, one would expect to find a three-way contrast. This was not so; only two-way contrasts between /e/ and [ɪ], and /e/ and /i/ were found. Throughout this work I have transcribed [ɪ] as /i/ or /e/ when I am certain, but as /ɪ/ when I am uncertain. 240 288 336 IPA [i] IPA [u] median average [i] (initial syllable) 384 IPA [e] IPA [o] 432 median average [ɪ] F1 (Hz) 480 528 IPA [ɛ] IPA [ɔ] 576 624 672 720 median average [ɛ]  A [i] (n=67)  I [ɪ] (n=59) IPA [ɑ]  I [ɛ] (n=59) 768 2500,00 IPA [a] 2250,00 2000,00 1750,00 1500,00 1250,00 F2-F1 1000,00 750,00 500,00 250,00 0,00 Chart 1.

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