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I hate it. They keep talking loudly at me. They are trying to make me think differently. ' 'I can't explain. ' I took Alan's arm. I wished I could go back with him to the hospital and tell them not to force Alan to believe things he didn't want to believe. However, despite his dislike of the hospital treatment, it was obvious to me that he was much better. I was talking to The Hysterectomy and its Aftermath 3 7 him and he was answering me. He was sharing his feelings with me - something that he hadn't done for over two years.

We made our way out of the building to the car. With tears streaming down my face, I told her everything. At first Pat couldn't speak. She stared ahead, her face as white as a sheet. Then she looked at me. 'I'm sorry,' she said quietly. Words weren't necessary. I knew that she felt for me. She passed me a sandwich and poured some coffee. We ate in silence. Suspense: My Life in the Balance 19 'We'd better be getting back,' she said after a few minutes. ' We set off. We kept our conversation at a superficial level, and concentrated on the road ahead.

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