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By Peter Jacobs

The air battles of the second one international warfare have been fought ferociously and with remarkable ability and braveness on either fronts. The fighter pilots of the Luftwaffe, the jagdflieger, actually outscored their Allied opposite numbers through a few margin and have been a few of the optimum scoring fighter pilots of all time. greater than 100 recorded a century of aerial successes with happening to surpass a rather mind-blowing three hundred victories. 

In the top, the great attempt required through the Luftwaffe to keep up the air struggle on such a lot of fronts proved an excessive amount of and few jagdflieger survived the final days of the Reich yet their braveness and talent used to be past query, and the names of a few will survive within the annals of air battle with their notable achievements by no means to be handed. 

In 'Luftwaffe Fighter Aces', Peter Jacobs examines the various campaigns fought through the Luftwaffe from its fledgling days through the Spanish Civil struggle to its final days protecting the Reich, and contains the...

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For this reason, I have chosen to tell the story by operational theatre but keeping within the chronology of the Second World War as much as possible to make it easier for the reader to follow and to put the air campaign of each operational theatre into the overall context of the war. Unfortunately, there is not the space to cover the personal lives of these men other than brief mentions here and there. While some were die-hard Nazis, others were far from it. Some came from noble families with a long tradition of military service, whereas others were sons of humble farmers or coal miners who rose to prominence through their own natural abilities.

JG 52. Plate 16: Hitler with Josef Priller, Anton Hackl, Friedrich Lang, Erich Hartmann and Heinz-Wolfgang Schnaufer. Plate 17: Oberleutnant Kurt Ebersberger, Hauptmann Egon Meyer, Hauptmann Joachim Müncheberg and Gerhard Schöpfel; Oberleutnant ‘Wutz’ Galland. Plate 18: Hauptmann Josef Priller; Leutnant Josef Wurmheller and Oberleutnant Erich Leie of JG 2. Plate 19: Hauptmann Josef Priller; Oberfeldwebel Adolf Glunz; Leutnant Josef Wurmheller. Plate 20: Günther Rall in front of his aircraft; Oberleutnant George-Peter Eder of JG 2.

The campaign also taught valuable lessons about other aircraft, such as discovering that the Ju 52 was unsuitable as a bomber. To be fair, the Ju 52 was never intended to be used as bomber, and was only ever considered as a stopgap, but its lack of performance in the role simply emphasised the urgency of replacing it with the new Heinkel He 111 twin-engine medium bomber and the single-engine Junkers Ju 87 Stuka dive bomber. The Legion also learned the value of close air support for ground forces as the capabilities of the Ju 87 won over some of its hardest critics, although its vulnerability to modern fighters would become evident later.

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