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Germanys Panther Tank: The Quest for Combat Supremacy

Over twenty years of study went into the production of this historical past of the improvement, features, and services of the Panther.

The 56th Evac. Hospital: letters of a WWII army doctor

Collins chronicles his reviews from education in Texas to provider in Italy at Paestum, Dragoni, and worst of all, the determined “Hell's part Acre” of Anzio seashore, the place, as a result of widespread shelling of the hospitals, sufferers have been recognized to move AWOL to front. His booklet is a unprecedented chance to view WWII from the viewpoint of these whose job it used to be to regard the unwell and wounded.

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The Baylor Unit did so in an exemplary manner. S. Army in World War II. None of the letters refer to events between the unit's activation in March and its arrival a year later at Camp Shanks, New York, on April 3, 1943. The truth is that with the exception of three months on Louisiana maneuvers, the doctors and nurses had been practically idle for a year. The letters from overseas confirm my growing anxiety as a junior officer over frequent shifts from surgery to medicine and back to surgery. I had no desire to do surgery in civilian practice, and was ill-fitted for unsupervised surgery.

P. cm.  4) Includes index.  United States.  Evacuation Hospital, 56thHistory.  5. SoldiersUnited StatesBiography.  Title.  Title: 56th Evacuation Hospital.  Series. 54'7573'092dc20 94-45516 CIP Cover and interior design by Amy Layton Photo on previous page: Sign for the 56th Evac Hospital. This and other photos, unless otherwise noted, are taken from The Story of the 56th Evac, ed. A. Merrick, printed around 1945, copy in the Texas Collection of Baylor University, Waco, Texas. Page v War and the Southwest Series The University of North Texas Press has undertaken to publish a series of significant books about War and the Southwest.

Turnbow, who is a new father, has gone for more than two weeks without any mail. That sure is hard on him, but one of these mornings he'll get a couple of dozen letters in one batch. [We had been cautioned never to mention our organization's movements, locations, or activities. My wife Margaret and baby were Page 17 living with her parents in Brazoria County, Texas, and my sister Jeanette whom I mentioned below, lived some 650 miles to the west. I'd hoped the recent mention of ''Dirty Girty" would at least plant the thought in her mind that we might go to Bizerte, a thirteen hundred-mile trip, partly through mountains and necessitating a ten-day truck ride westward.

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