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This paintings offers the existence and memorable accomplishments of a well known 20th-century scientist whose awesome contributions to his box have garnered all over the world appreciate and popularity.

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O. Hoppe/CORBIS) United States. Many of them stopped by Cambridge to give lectures and courses before traveling on, and some of them chose to stay. This wave of flight from the rising tide of totalitarianism brought the mathematics issues of the day right to Turing’s doorstep. The graceful towers of one of Britain’s two greatest universities (the other being Oxford) gave shelter, and in turn, the students in Turing’s class inherited a giant intellectual legacy—from the best of the best of European universities.

While he did participate in some social activities (and even joined in impromptu hockey matches against the women students at Vassar College), Turing continued to be dissatisfied with his social possibilities. ) Even ordinary conversation often irritated Turing. He did not understand American slang and the tendency of Princeton intellectuals to make small talk and avoid discussing their work in earnest. Thus, Turing spent much of his time alone. Von Neumann, meanwhile, was so impressed with Turing that he offered the younger man a job as his assistant.

It answers the question “What is the most general kind of code or cypher possible,” and at the same time (rather naturally) enables me to construct a lot of particular and interesting codes. Turing could scarcely have known that soon he would be called on to spearhead history’s greatest code-breaking effort. 4 Enigma M ost young people have been fascinated by secret codes and ciphers, and Alan Turing was no exception. ) At Sherborne, Turing and his friend Chris Morcom enjoyed creating and deciphering messages written and read using their own, intricate codes.

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