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Avid gamers who are looking to move at the assault will locate right here a whole, competitive repertoire in line with 1e4. Fifty-one version games-all fresh and not prior to annotated in chess literature-form the guide's middle, and exhibit the way to deal with the vast diversity of attacking positions coming up from the suggested traces. With the underlying idea so essentially defined, chess professionals will comprehend precisely why to put the items on sure squares within the given constitution.

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F6 ! 1 e4 e5 2 ¤f3 ¤c6 3 ¥b5 a6 4 ¥xc6 This game was played around the time when Bobby Fischer's great successes with the Exchange Variation led to a huge surge in its popularity. f6 One of many satisfactory options, and for others see our 'C68 book'. 6 d4 XABCDEFGHY 8r+lwqkvlntr( 7+pzp-+-zpp' 6p+p+-zp-+& 5+-+-zp-+-% 4-+-zPP+-+$ 3+-+-+N+-# 2PzPP+-zPPzP" 1tRNvLQ+RmK-! fxe5 8 ¤xe5! ) 8 ¤bd2 £e7 9 ¤c4 0-0-0 10 £e2 leading to an interesting struggle in the game Rausis,I−Berzinsh,R/Bern 2000, which is published in full on our Internet site.

A beautiful move, which leaves Black without any satisfactory response to White's main threats of 17 Nbc6 or 17 Nxd5 followed 47 by Bxe7. So... 0-0 18 Nc6 Bxc6 19 Bxe7 Qd5 20 Bxf8. That was 1-0 in the game Rozentalis,E−Nickoloff,B/North Bay 1994. £xe4 8 ¦e1 £g6 9 d4 ¥g4 10 ¤e5?! ¥xd1 11 ¤xg6 hxg6 12 ¦xd1 0-0-0 13 ¤c3 ¤f5 and Black was doing very well in the game Tonoli,J−Motwani,P/Strombeek−Bever rapid tournament, Belgium 1999. f6 , see the 'C69 book'. 6 h3 h5 7 d3 White naturally avoids 7 hxg4?

On account of 11 g4! ¤e7 12 e6 fxe6 13 ¤e5 because Black is then in deadly double trouble at d7 and f7. Kb7, but alternatively it's still considered reasonable to adopt a set−up involving ... Bg4 when given the chance. b5?! was a loosening advance which made the c5− and c6−squares in Black's camp very sensitive, vulnerable points in the game Kalezic,B−Vajda,S/"Lasker" GM−tournament, Budapest 2001, although no technique was required to win when 13 ¦ad1 ¤e7?? XABCDEFGHY 8r+-mk-vl-tr( 7+-zplsnpzp-' 6-+p+-+-zp& 5zpp+-zP-+-% 4-+-+-+-+$ 3+PsN-+N+P# 2PvLP+-zPP+" 1+-+R+RmK-!

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