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10-inch UV-tolerant ties舒usually the black ones. com. Ties can be expensive at hardware stores ($3 for 100). However, the ties can be doubled or tripled to get longer lengths, as discussed in Chapter 3. Conclusion So this is the stuff we use to build at the Brooklyn Aerodrome. Check the website for up-to-date information, and please innovate and share. Chapter 2 goes into what these parts do. CHAPTER 2 What Do All the Parts Do? This chapter covers the basic concepts of remote-controlled (RC) aircraft as seen through the lens of Brooklyn Aerodrome舗s quick-to-build, inexpensive, and tough Flack flying wing.

FIGURE 2-4 Alsomitra macrocarpa seed. ) The Elevons The rear surface of the wing has two control surfaces that handle pitch and roll control. They are independent of each other, and both are used for aileron inputs and elevator inputs. 舡 The Stabilizers These surfaces function much in the same way as rudders on traditional airplanes or a skeg on a surfboard. But because they have no movable control surfaces, they are called stabilizers.

Flacks fly well on 370 to 400 size motors. 2. 舠Brushless舡 means that there are no physical contacts required for timing of electricity to the coils of the motor. Old-school electric motors relied on brushes to control which coils got current as the motor turned based on physical contact with the rotating part of the motor. Brushless motors use a sensing technology coupled with a microcontroller to drive the pulsing of energy to the three wires connected to the motor (only two wires are active at any time).

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