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By USMCR (Ret.), Captain John C. Chapin

It used to be it sounds as if a mere occasion while a couple of Marine planes flew right into a muddy airfield at Tacloban at the island of Leyte within the Philippines on three December 1944. throughout them have been the weather of the large U.S. military invasion which had all started on 20 October. Seven infantry divisions and 6 military Air strength (AAF) air teams ruled the island scene. It used to be the beginning of an enormous crusade during which Marine aviation may play a huge position. that's the crusade to disencumber the Philippines.

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The infrequent examples vital supply lines; the elimination of it in the past had been superof 400,000 enemy troops and enor- seded by precision missions run- there is not enough that can be skepticism and evolved into widespread intimate interdependence, with MAG-12, as just one example, supporting 26 Army landings. And so the accolades eventually came in the form of more than 30 mous numbers of their planes and pilots; the freeing of the Filipino people from a brutal tyranny; and the American acquisition of multiple bases to carry the war toward the Japanese homeland.

S—Scout. B—Bomber. R—Transport. J—Utility. Example: VMF—115; Marine Fighting Squadron No. 115. F4U—1D: F—Fighter, 4—Fourth model of this fighter, U—Manufactured by Chance-Vought, 1—D—Modification of this series. 'FG—l: Goodyear version of the Corsair. 'Night fighter Version. air support had been validated. Acknowledgement of this came The official Marine Corps histo- ry of World War II made this in a final evaluation by Eichel- observation: berger. He commented that the "superb" accomplishments of A radical departure Marine air stemmed in part from the Marine liaison officers [who] were "always in front lines" with the infantry commanders.

2000 rounds) 1—i 600 lb. bomb 2—500 lb. bombs 8—5" Rockets F6F-3N3 Fighter Grumman Douglas R4D-5 Transport 313 knots 2250 1,100 Nautical miles 6—50 cal. (2400 with 1—150 gal. Auxiliary tank 200 knots 2—1 050 rounds of ammunition) 1,555 Nautical miles None (will carry 27 troops with combat gear) Skytrain Pilot Co-Pilot Radioman Explanation of squadron designations: Preceded by letters V (Heavier-than-Air) and M (Marine); the letters alone or in combination indicate type squadrons using the planes: F—Fighter.

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