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9 J/kg . K mol. wt. 06 J/kg . K Specific heat at constant pressure for constituent gases. 4  C p , N2 =   . 039 kJ/kg . 4  C p, O2 =   . 909 kJ/kg . 3  C p , CO2 =   . 819 kJ/kg . 3   γ −1  mN 2 C p , mixture =   M   mO2   mCO2   . CP , N 2 +  . CP , O2 +  . 0276 kJ/kg . K Molar mass of mixture = ∑ xi . Mi = xi = Total mass of mixture Total no. of moles ni , here Mi = mol. wt. of ith constituent. ∑ ni No. of moles of constituent gases, nN 2 = nO2 = nCO2 = mN 2 Mol. wt. N 2 mO2 Mol.

6 Electrical resistance thermometer, (principle of wheatstone bridge) glazed porcelain tube having binding terminals at the top. The resistance of wire can be mathematically related as Rt = R0 · (1 + a · t + b · t2) where a and b are the constants having their values depending upon the nature of material used. 46 _________________________________________________________ Applied Thermodynamics Using fixed points of ice point and steam point the temperature can be mathematically obtained by substituting the different parameters in the following, t = ( Rt − Ri ) ×100 , ( Rs − Ri ) where Ri & Rs are resistance values for ice and steam points (d) Thermoelectric Thermometer Thermo electric thermometer works on the principle of Seebeck effect.

14 IDEAL GAS Engineering thermodynamics deals with different systems having gaseous working fluids. Some gases behave as ideal gas and some as non-ideal gas. Based on the experimental methods various equations of state of gases have been developed. For perfect gas the ideal gas equation shows that p v = R T, where R is the universal gas constant and can be related as R = R /M, here R is the characteristic gas constant and M is the molar mass or molecular weight of the substance, v is volume per mole.

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