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By David Carroll

The secret surrounding the legend of King Arthur has eventually been solved and the query "did he quite exist?" answered.

'Arturius - A Quest for Camelot', is the results of six years' learn, and the e-book explains and proves past average doubt the truth and id of King Arthur.

Using formerly neglected proof from the seventh and eighth centuries advert, writer D. F. Carroll believes he has succeeded in ultimately fixing the mystery.

Most importantly, the booklet is predicated on ancient facts. The identify Arthur in its sixth Century advert shape is Artur, and because the priests who recorded the earliest historical past wrote in Latin, they recorded the identify as Arturius.

Any files the place the identify Arthur is spelled with an 'h' are not going to have originated from sooner than the twelfth Century advert, and are accordingly unreliable as facts of sixth Century history.

A universal criticism through readers of books with reference to King Arthur, is that regardless of how lengthy the publication, or how jam-packed with info it can be, on the finish, the reader remains to be left asking the query, "but who used to be Arthur?"

The explanation for this can be that almost all writers with regards to King Arthur cram their books choked with details, derived mostly from legends, myths, and poems that are traditionally of no worth, and be ready to create the appearance of getting defined to you who Arthur quite used to be, the place in truth you continue to have no idea the reply to the query, "but who was once Arthur?"

In this ebook, i've got used no legends or poems or myths, or the unreliable 'Annals of Wales'. in its place i've got used the extra trustworthy 'Annals of Ulster' and 'Annals of Tigernach', including Adomnan's 'Life of Columba'.

The e-book is predicated now not on legends, yet really the simplest on hand ancient evidence.

Therefore, on the finish of this booklet, you won't be left to ask yourself "who rather used to be Arthur?", simply because this e-book will offer a transparent and unequivocal resolution to that query.

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The fact that Cennalat was in control of territory which was termed Lothian, which does not correspond to the boundaries of present day Lothian is of no consequence. The medieval writers of Arthurian legend often termed various parts of Central and south East Scotland as Lothian. We have seen how Cennalat could have come to be regarded as King of the Orkneys and Lothian, but what about his name? after all it does not seem to resemble King Lot’s. The explanation is relatively simple. If we remember that the first part of his name, Cenna, 61 is simply the old Irish for head and is the equivalent of the Welsh ‘Penn’ also meaning head or chief.

The work is believed to have originated in the late 8th Century, although it was revised in the 10th Century. The history is perhaps best described by the author himself when he says “I made a heap of all I could find”. This is not to disparage it in any way, but it is perhaps as well to remember that the events described in the history do not necessarily follow in any chronological order. He relates many things and tells us he has copied from the annals of the Scots and Saxons some of his information.

According to Arthurian legend Modred was the son of Lot, the King of the Picts, therefore Modred was a Pict. His domain and indeed his father’s domain must therefore have been in what we now term Scotland, as this was the homeland of the Picts. I believe we can prove who Lot was, and also that he thrived during the second half of the 6th Century AD, as presumably did his son Modred or Medraut. Researchers while giving some credibility to the Annals and the Battle of Camlann, always ignore the fact, that if Modred was a Pict then the battle would almost certainly have been fought in Scotland.

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