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7). 3 % vs. 7 %) is present for the case with larger blocked edges. 6 % vs. 1 %) than that for lower porosity case. 3 % vs. 1 %). This highlights the importance of tile geometry on the flow features above the tile. The results also suggest that having higher tile edge blockage can be detrimental for a fully provisioned case. On the other hand, for an under provisioned case, the edge blockage may be helpful for air to reach near the top end of the rack, resulting in improved air delivery. 61 m (2 ft) tiles placed adjacently.

A) Photographs of the tool. 1 In-house Developed Tool A tool was developed at the DCL for measurement of rack air flow rate using an array of 45 (3 (along width) × 15 (along height)) integrated thermal anemometer and thermistor units, AccuSense F900 (Degree Controls Inc. 2015). The tool is attached to the back of the rack for measurement of air flow rate. Cloth skirt around the tool directs the rack air flow through the sensor array and prevents air leakage, see Fig. 5a. e. using a known heat load and the measured temperature difference across the server simulator rack to obtain the air flow rate.

With this assumption, the differential plenum pressure (Pp − Pm) and active tile characteristics constant (Kt − X/(ρ/(2A2))) can also be estimated from the Flow 16 2 Metrology Tools Fig. 4 Air flow measurement analysis for active tiles. (a) Representation of air flow system in three different flow resistances for active tiles. (b) Formulation of the air flow system in three different flow resistances for active tiles Hood (Arghode and Joshi 2014b). We assume that this differential pressure does not change with the use of the tool.

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