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By Jeffrey L. Ethell

An excellent selection of actual colour images of B-17 Flying Fortresses in service--not images of restored warbirds. All are modern photographs that indicates the colourful nostril paintings and markings of the B-17s in the course of and soon after international struggle II. comprises eighty+ colour pictures.

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S. Army. D. diss .. Duke University. 1981), pp. 152- 76. William O. Oden. Ajic" Ilic 7hmclles: TI'e 1im'''iol'JJ/(l/iOlJ of us. AI'II/)' Docll'illc. /9/I:J- J939. Te~as A&M Universily Mililary History Series, no. 64 (College 51alion: Texas A&M Univcrsity Press, 1999). pp. 204-05. " Robert Perry, "The Interaction of Technology and Doctrine in Ihe USA~:" in Air /'ower IIlId rrhrfilt'c: Pl'oc"Cedil/gs oflhe Eigh/II Milililry l/isIOIY SymJlOsium. cadell/)'. / 8- 20 Qclobe,' f978. cd. Alfred F. tlnrley mul Ronald C.

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