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Germanys Panther Tank: The Quest for Combat Supremacy

Over twenty years of study went into the construction of this background of the improvement, features, and functions of the Panther.

The 56th Evac. Hospital: letters of a WWII army doctor

Collins chronicles his studies from education in Texas to carrier in Italy at Paestum, Dragoni, and worst of all, the determined “Hell's part Acre” of Anzio seashore, the place, due to common shelling of the hospitals, sufferers have been identified to head AWOL to front. His publication is an extraordinary chance to view WWII from the viewpoint of these whose job it was once to regard the ailing and wounded.

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Air bases on Luzon, PI. IJA invades Malaya and Burma. 10 Dec IJA assaults north Luzon (supporting landings). 12 Dec IJA/SNLF assaults south Luzon. 16 Dec SNLF assaults North Borneo. IJA/SNLF assaults Mindanao. 22 PACIFIC ISLAND GUIDE 23 Dec SNLF assaults Wake. 24 Dec IJN shells Palmyra. SNLF occupies Tarawa Atoll, Gilberts. 1942 11 Jan 19 Jan 26 Jan 17 Dec Australians and Dutch reinforce Portuguese Timor. 22 Dec IJA assaults Sarawak. IJA assaults Lingayen Bay, Luzon (main landing). 24 Dec IJA conducts additional landing on south Luzon.

2 Oct USMC occupies Funafuti Atoll, Ellices. 11 Oct Battle of Cape Esperance, USN wins. 13 Oct First USA units arrive on Guadalcanal. 26 Oct Battle of Santa Cruz, IJN wins. 13 Nov IJA/IJN occupies Munda Point, New Georgia. 13–15 Nov Naval draw. 18 Nov Battle of Additional Australian independent company reinforces company already on Timor for guerrilla operations. 26 Sep Australians begin advance over Kokoda Trail pushing the Japanese back to the coast. 22 Oct Australians assault Goodenough Is. 16 Nov Australians/USA attack begins on Buna-Gona.

S. Army and Marine Corps the infantry regiment had three battalions. Army cavalry regiments, fighting dismounted as infantry, had two battalion-size squadrons. The Army commonly called their regiments simply, for example, 147th Infantry or 112th Cavalry and the term “regiment” was not included. The Marine Corps did the same, but all regiments, regardless of type, were identified simply as 9th Marines or 10th Marines and 16 PACIFIC ISLAND GUIDE the term “regiment” was never included. Only the initiated would known that the 9th was an infantry regiment and the 10th was artillery.

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