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By Douglas Reeman

It truly is 1943, and the seas are haunted by way of Hitler's lethal U-boats and cruisers. After the mysterious dying of the Reliant's final captain, man Sherbrooke is given command of the mythical battlecruiser. an emblem of every little thing the Royal army stands for, the battlecruiser boasts the rate of a destroyer and the firepower of a battleship.

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Stagg sounded querulous. “I know who you are! ” Evershed tried to swallow but his mouth felt like sand. ” He looked up as a hand reached past him and took the handset. It was Sherbrooke. “All right, Guns. ” He raised the instru- Battlecruiser 63 ment to his ear. “Captain, sir. Radar’s on the blink. I shall signal the escorts. ” He paused, expecting an argument or worse. He could feel the others watching him, and had sensed the sudden tension even as he had entered the bridge. ” Another hesitation.

Oh, for God’s sake. ” He was smiling, but there was no warmth in his eyes. ” He looked at him evenly. ” “Oh, very well. ” Sherbrooke turned over a page. ” “Well, bully for our gallant submariners! I told you the Jerries were more than likely going to try to move ships to the Baltic. ” Sherbrooke regarded him gravely. ” Stagg merely sounded annoyed that his drink had been spoiled, Sherbrooke watched his eyes moving quickly across the folio, then more slowly, until he could almost feel the force of Stagg’s concentration.

Perhaps he was mistaken, and it would never return. He pulled on his sea-boots, and glanced around at the small sea-cabin which had been his home for most of the time since Reliant had weighed anchor on a cold, misty morning, slipping silently from the Firth of Forth to join her destroyer escort without fuss or ceremony. That had been five days ago, steering north into these familiar, hostile waters. Sherbrooke stood up and waited for the deck to tell him the motion, as it would have done immediately in Pyrrhus.

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