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By Shannon McKenna

Surveillance professional Seth is confident that Victor Lazar had his half-brother murdered, yet his mystery research and his lifestyles are at the line. while he learns that Lazar's subsequent sufferer could be the appealing Raine, Seth is driven past all emotional limits - and past worry itself.

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She arched on the bed with a sharp cry, and came; an endless, shivering cascade of sen-sation, more intense than any orgasm she had ever experi-enced. She tugged the sheet across her limp, trembling body and slid into an exhausted sleep. That night she dreamed once again that she was swim-ming naked in the glass aquarium. Her hair swirled around her, bright and luminous. But the dream changed before her eyes. The walls of the aquarium dissolved, colored pebbles became glittering sand, fake coral sprigs became huge, tow-ering structures that glowed in the underwater gloom.

Her heart began to gallop. The silence between them stretched out. He wasn't going to move or speak, the ruthless bastard. He was going to torture her. Watch her twist in the flames with that know-ing, piratical smile on his face. He was going to wait... and make her say it. And he knew that she would. Those searching dark eyes saw right through her, all the way down to the sweet, rest-less ache that pulsed inside her, where the wild woman waited, naked and willful and wanton. He knew perfectly well how much she wanted him.

So different from the stolid Frederick, just the thing to soothe her braised romantic sensibilities. But the moment to consummate their passion was never quite right for Juan Carlos. She'd been patient with his reluc-tance, coaxing and reassuring him, bolstering his ego. Finally he confessed to her that he suspected he was gay. That summer she forged a deep and lasting friendship with him. He credited her for giving him the courage to con-front the truth about his sexuality, which was all very well and good; she loved him tenderly and wished him happiness with all her heart.

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