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By Jeff Mackintosh, Anthony Ragan

"The BESM fable Bestiary offers avid gamers and GMs with the best toolkit for an immense Eyes, Small Mouth delusion crusade. when you have ever desired to play a excessive Elf, a Drawf, or perhaps a Titan-Orc or a Vampire-Minotaur, then this publication is for you! The BESM delusion Bestiary isn't your conventional handbook of monsters. within, you will discover a plethora of D6 Tri-Stat templates for standard delusion races you should use while making a participant personality or an NPC enemy. mix a number of templates (Ogre-Medusa-Skeleton?) or use them all alone. From Angel to Zombie, and every thing in among, the BESM delusion Bestiary is a perfect reference booklet for either video game Masters and Players."

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BESM: Fantasy Bestiary

"The BESM delusion Bestiary presents gamers and GMs with the right toolkit for a massive Eyes, Small Mouth delusion crusade. when you've got ever desired to play a excessive Elf, a Drawf, or perhaps a Titan-Orc or a Vampire-Minotaur, then this publication is for you! The BESM delusion Bestiary isn't really your conventional guide of monsters.

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