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By Darrell Bain

The Williard brothers are bored with the sedentary lifestyles. while one in all them falls inheritor to facts of Bigfoot--or very likely an alien--various govt enterprises all started chasing them and their girlfriends, hoping to recuperate alien know-how, if that is what it really is. Deep within the wildest a part of The Brooks Mountain variety in Alaska, the chase involves a head, with the CIA, Russians, NSA and Mafia all vying with the Williard brothers and an Eskimo lady to win the prize.

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Williard walked over and ran his hand over Tiger's short, cream-colored pelt. The little dog wagged its tail and licked his hand eagerly. " "So we'll buy them. And don't sell Tiger short. " "Knowing how to fetch and catch Frisbees won't be much help where we're going," Jason said dubiously. What the hell, a Chihuahua in Alaska? It would be like taking a penguin to the tropics. " Jason shrugged. " He wondered briefly about Tina's statement that he had been trained to protect her then dismissed the thought as ridiculous.

She had already decided to call Williard and ask to come back, deciding that she cared enough for him that it didn't matter if he ever settled down, or even if he stepped out occasionally; that was just his nature and she realized now that there was no use trying to change him. She would tell him to call his brothers and get together with them and go have an adventure of some sort. Maybe the admonishment would even induce him to invite her along. She hoped so, but if not, she would be waiting when he returned.

There's no real hurry. I'll send a list of her friends from college. " He hung up the phone, knowing his request would be carried out. It was good to know that he still commanded such respect. Chapter Six Williard and Jason were still buzzing, their blood laced with codeine and Phenobarbital and their morning ration of rum. Trisha had left for the lab, already an hour or two late for work and feeling the pain of the previous evening's excesses. "She's an airhead," Williard warned Jason as soon as she had left.

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