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By Max Allan Collins

Ten years in the past, Las Vegas was once terrorized via "CAST" -- a vicious serial killer liable for approximately part a dozen brutal murders, and who proven the mettle of the LVPD's new Captain, Jim Brass. After a two-year spree, solid without warning disappeared and has now not been heard from...until now. Gil Grissom and his CSI workforce are referred to as in to enquire a murder that completely suits the infamous criminal's modus operandi. yet all hell breaks free whilst a reporter made recognized by way of the unique instances gets a letter from a person claiming to be solid -- and who says he has not anything to do with the most recent slaying. Now the CSIs needs to cease somebody who could be a copycat killer from amazing back. ...even as a assassin from the prior keeps to sidestep trap, and is not taking too kindly to rivals....

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Paquette snorted. "Who do you think you're tryin' to hose here? " He pointed an accusing finger at them, each getting a turn. "And do I hear one peep out of you guys about it? No-you aren't talking to me or Bell, or Brower for that matter. " Grissom's forehead was tensed; this was his version of a frown. " Paquette grunted a deep humorless laugh. "I didn't say I thought there was another murder, I said I know there was. " Paquette stuffed a hand in his pants pocket, fished for a few seconds, and indeed withdrew a keycard.

Aw, maaan," Carlson moaned, under Nick, the suspect's stubbly face dripping blood where it had connected with the concrete. "Not cool! " "I'm not under arrest! " Nick heard a siren wail and he realized his partner had a cell phone in hand; she'd already called in backup, and a patrol car, luckily, had been nearby. The officers showed up moments later and loaded a hang-dog Carlson into the back. "That's what I get for praying," Nick said gloomily. Catherine frowned in amusement. " "I asked the Supreme Being to spare us from that apartment turning out to be a crime scene.

That's right. " "Warrick, Sara, and I will continue to work the evidence from the Sandred house and see if we can turn something we've missed. Call it the first of the theories if you want. " Not a wild hunch, Catherine knew, as they all recognized the mark of a serial killer when they saw it, and there could be no question: This creep was just amping up. "And another troubling aspect," Grissom said. " "Like the original Ripper," Nick said. " Grissom, Warrick, and Sara surrendered the conference room to Brass, Nick, and Catherine, who huddled around one end while Brass pulled the large cardboard box closer to him, to lift items out.

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