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Achieve, educate, and investigate each scholar with one very good software. an enthralling verbal/visual presentation weaves textual content and images jointly in a straightforward, easy-to-grasp structure that stimulates scholars' curiosity and function, either within the school room and on all kinds of review.

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Nowitz/Photo Researchers HORTICULTURE Many of the plants you are familiar with were originally brought from distant lands by naturalists and explorers. By preserving and cultivating these species, horticulturists gave us a legacy of beautiful and useful flowers and foods. Selective breeding, grafting, and more recently, genetic engineering are some methods used by plant scientists. VEGETABLES — Vegetables were among the first plants cultivated by humans. Green cabbage, watercress, and radishes—members of the mustard family—were known to Egyptians and Romans in the Bronze Age.

It is here that muscles are coordinated and the memories of physical skills are stored. The brain stem consists of the medulla, pons, and midbrain. The brain stem regulates breathing, heart rate, circulation, and other vital body processes. COMPLEX COORDINATION The cerebral cortex may look like a uniform mass of nerve tissue. But different areas of the cortex receive and process different types of sensory, motor, and integrative nerve impulses. Using a technological tool known as a PET (positron emission tomography) scan (above left), scientists can pinpoint areas of increased metabolic activity in the brain.

But like anteaters and sloths—the other members of this order— armadillos are well equipped for digging. They lack incisors and canines and their molars are small cylinders without enamel. Xenarthras are found in Central and South America and in southern regions of North America. ARMADILLO 1088 (t)Michael Denis-Huot/Jacana/Photo Researchers, (c)Tom McHugh/Photo Researchers, (b)Bianca Lavies, (crossover)Jim Brandenburg/Minden Pictures HIPPO ORDER ARTIODACTYLA Found along African rivers, the hippo is one of the largest land mammals.

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