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By Bernice Schacter, Kary B. Mullis

With development in biotechnology comes controversy, all people has an opinion in regards to the advantages or risks of the hot know-how. This sequence explores either side of the problems. a while 12-16 years. international society. a long time 12+

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The bacteria can then reproduce, expressing the modified DNA. 13 14 BIOTECHNOLOGY AND YOUR HEALTH their membranes, the proteins wrapped around their DNA to protect and control which proteins are made from its instructions, the enzyme proteins that transform raw food materials into energy to keep the cell alive, and the proteins needed to build a new cell when one cell divides into two. Eukaryotic cells, cells that have a nucleus, must also make the proteins for the membrane of their nucleus, the sack containing their genetic material, with its proteins split into the bits called chromosomes.

27 28 BIOTECHNOLOGY AND YOUR HEALTH environmentalists, because this process killed the slow-growing and scarce yew tree. Researchers eventually succeeded in synthesizing paclitaxel from a chemical precursor found in the needles of another yew tree, Taxus baccata, which grows abundantly in Asia and Europe. The needles could be harvested and the drug made in a factory without sacrificing trees. Scientists have not yet succeeded in producing paclitaxel from scratch in the lab or in producing the drug or a precursor from plant cells grown in large vats.

6 Early development of an embryo is illustrated here. The human blastocyst develops by about 4 1/2 days. Embryonic stem cells are formed from inner cell mass. treated to separate those that have successfully taken up the new genetic material from those that have not. The successfully transformed ES cells are injected into the hollow center of a blastocyst, so that the genetically modified ES cells mix with the small number of ES cells present. The embryo is allowed to develop in the laboratory for a short time, and is then placed into the uterus of a female.

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