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By M. Alice LeGrow

The ultimate conflict rages for the lives and souls of the population of Bizenghast, and nobody is secure anymore. surprising revelations of the town's darkish heritage proceed to emerge, and Dinah's fight will transcend the borders of the mausoleum, past Bizenghast itself... and even perhaps past the borders of our global.

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I saw her grab hold of it, and... it looked like she was TWISTING it... Just twisting it round and round, with a defiant air... I saw her white robe twisting up around it, around her... she didn’t even seem to FEEL it! indd 64 7/2/10 2:57:41 PM She broke part of the metal thing off and threw it away. hurled it so fast I could barely see where it went.

Indd 48 7/2/10 2:57:38 PM My lady! indd 49 7/2/10 2:57:38 PM Oh Eniri, haven’t I taught you better? Lady Hetka! that broad’s just messed up. indd 50 7/2/10 2:57:38 PM What’s going on? Oh, Lady Hetka! I’m so sorry. indd 51 I didn’t realize you wanted my brothers spared! 7/2/10 2:57:39 PM Eniri, of COURSE I do! How could you want to hurt your own brothers? I told you before, no one must be harmed. This is a time for happiness and peace, not violence! Edrear and his friends will realize that we’re on their side!

Fear of the unorthodox. But most importantly... fear of WITCHCRAFT. where I saw the true nature of the town of Bizenghast. Its people had not moved with the times, had remained stuck in their world of superstition and hate for decades, and still believed in cruel practices. for what happened then, and what happened to me later. only that she was from a poor family who lived on the outskirts of town, near the woods. But I remember what they said about her that night. They called her witch. Some ill luck had befallen the town and an outsider, especially a woman, was an easy scapegoat.

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