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By Mukoma Wa Ngugi

Two cops—one American, one Kenyan—team as much as tune down a perilous terrorist.

It’s December 2007. The Kenyan presidential elections have got off to a begin, with threats of ethnic violence within the air, and the studies approximately Barack Obama at the crusade path within the usa are the topic of newspaper editorials and barstool debates. And Ishmael and O have simply gotten their first significant holiday for his or her new detective company, Black Star.

A mysterious demise they’re investigating seems to be associated with the new bombing of a downtown Nairobi resort. yet neighborhood forces begin to come down on them to back down the case, after which a startling act of violence tips the scales, surroundings them off on a round-the-globe pursuit of the shadowy forces at the back of all of it. an exciting, hard-hitting novel, from the writer of Nairobi Heat, an enormous new crime expertise.

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