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By Cynthia Harrod-Eagles

The brand-new invoice Slider secret - David Rogers used to be a physician, good-looking, captivating and rich. He lived the way of life of a consultant – pricey outfits, most sensible eating places, specific clubs – till someone killed him within the hallway of his beautiful million-plus-pound house. but if invoice Slider and his company are thrown into the secret, they quickly become aware of that not anything is because it turns out, for even though David’s girlfriends are lots, none of them can inform Slider something approximately the place he labored or what precisely he did . . .

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This ebook produced by Palimpsest Book Production Limited, Falkirk, Stirlingshire, Scotland. For Ali and Giles, with love. ONE The Wrath of Grapes ‘You look terrible,’ Slider said as Atherton slid into the car. ‘I feel terrible. I’d have to be dead three weeks to feel better than this,’ Atherton said. His voice gave him away – he sounded as if he’d been smoking forty a day for a week. ’ he added resentfully. ‘You shouldn’t mix your drinks,’ Slider said mildly. ‘I’m sorry, but I can’t sit in a jazz club and sip wine.

So watching strippers is not a new hobby for Rogers,’ Slider mused. Could there have been something seedier in his background? Some little hobby or habit he could have been blackmailed for? Connolly shook her head sadly. ’ Slider declined the bait. ’ Connolly was flattered to be asked her opinion. ‘She’s not deep in debt, and she’s not living on the pig’s back. Her story checks out, and I can’t find any medical connection. ’ ‘All right. I don’t want to waste any more time on her if she’s just an accidental bystander.

THREE Deliver Us from Ealing ‘Ade comes up clean, guv,’ Connolly said, leaning on his doorpost. Coming back from far away, Slider hadn’t made sense of her sentence at first, and his drifting mind latched on to detergent. Comes up clean? Had there been a spillage in the CID room? ’ he said neutrally, marking time. ‘She’s no criminal record,’ Connolly elaborated, and he fetched up to reality with a bump. ‘No large chunks a jingle floating around. Owes a coupla hundred on her credit card. No big recent purchases.

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