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Bombers of worldwide battle Edited through David Donald, is a «Must Have» while you're drawn to studying the historical past colour Schemes info of the key gamers of «All» international locations in global conflict . This publication has all of it From line drawings To cut-aways Black and White images colour photographs, colour plates, and a wealth of appropriate info for either the pro historian. in addition to the «Arm Chair Warrior». an outstanding resource for the «Model airplane» builder. All Camouflage paint schemes are coated for all of the significant avid gamers within the clash. together with «Winter Camouflage Schemes» and neighborhood paint schemes. a great source publication for the «Fairey Swordfish» Modeler.

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3-in) guns, each with no less than 2,000 rounds, with traverse round the mounting ring effected by an hydraulic motor. Wing racks were added for bombs of up to 147-kg (325-lb) depth-bomb size. These and other changes did not all come in at once but most had at least been agreed on paper by the time the prototype resumed flight testing on 20 October 1941. So enormous was the production scheme that, coming on top of dozens of others throughout North America, it fell seriously behind. to December 1941, but by this was even being assembled.

Twilight misions Luftwaffe He 115s had carried out minelaying operations from the the start of the war, and from 1942 surviving examples were all northern Norway for operations against Allied convoys. The most important and most successful missions were against the grouped in convoy PQ17 in July 1942. Eight He 115C-ls of the KuFlGr 406 made torpedo attacks on 2 July, the Staffelkapitan being shot down but rescued, with his crew, by another 115 which alighted on the stormy sea. On 4 July aircraft of KuFlGr 906 disabled one ship, and subsequently aircraft of both units played a part in hunting down and sinking 23 of the 36 vessels that had comprised the convoy.

Only the original order for 200 applied to the SB2C-1 model, and all of these were retained in the USA for training purposes. The SB2C-1A, which appeared in 1943, was the non-navalised A-25A after transfer to the US Marine Corps, The lone XSB2C-2, no. 00005, was the only Helldiver seaplane. A conversion of the fifth production SB2C-1 with twin Edo floats and a ventral fin, it flew in September 1942 but never led to a combat-ready machine, the 287 planned production SB2C-2s (nos 03862/04148) being cancelled before any had flown.

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