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By J. A. Jance

The Seattle that Beau knew as a tender policeman is disappearing. the town is awash within the aromas emanating from a glut of espresso bars, the local outdoor his apartment construction has sprouted gallery upon gallery, or even his lengthy loved diner has developed right into a stylish eatery for neighborhood hipsters. however the glam is precisely floor, for the grit below the city's fingernails is caked with blood. Beau and his new associate Sue Danielson, a suffering unmarried mother or father, are assigned the homicide of an aged lady torched to demise in her mattress. As their research proceeds, Beau and Sue turn into embroiled in a dangerous sequence of occasions that may go away them and their case shattered -- and for Beau not anything will ever be a similar back.

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As the door closed on the departing Mr. Parker, a poised and businesslike Mildred George turned to face us. “Good afternoon,” she said. “You must be the two detectives Grace Tipton called to tell me about earlier. ” So much for our making an unannounced visit. “We’re sorry about your sister-in-law,” I said, pulling out my ID and handing it across the counter. “We’re looking for information that might help lead us to the person or persons responsible. ” Mildred George examined my ID carefully before handing it back.

Despite the fact that the truth had to be otherwise, I allowed Sue her pride-saving pretense that there had been only one serious episode of violence in her relationship with her former husband. Blood rushed back to her pale cheeks. “Yes,” she managed. ” “I don’t know. ” “Fourteen,” Sue answered. “Just turned. ” “Eight. A. ” Sue nodded. “When we left the hospital, I only went home long enough to pack up and leave. ” In the time Sue Danielson and I had worked together, I’d never had any quarrel with her courage under fire.

Sue suggested. Grace brightened. “That’s right. Power of attorney. Since Mildred has that, if there is any money, she can spend it however she likes. I for one hope it’s true, that there is some. Money, that is. Enough for her to put Mr. George in a home someplace. Maybe even enough beyond that to fix this place up so it’ll be nice to live in. Mildred’s a practical woman. ” “Manages a truck-rental office right down the street. Olson’s it’s called. Mildred never used to have to work outside the home, not until two years ago when things got so bad they had to move in here.

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