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By Charles Crutchfield, Peter C. Fenlon, Angus McBride

BRIGANDS OF MIRKWOOD comprises: * 2 FULL-COLOR PAGES: that includes a superbly certain urban map, and a space map of southern Mirkwood. * significant LAYOUTS: detailing an evil magician's citadel, the large Rogue's Clan-hall, the offended Horse hotel; plus amplify city-sections. * STRAYHOLD: a impolite neighborhood to not be forgotten, and never to be taken calmly. * three whole ADVENTURES: The day trip to Strayhold, Raid at the Rogue's Clan-hall, The fort of Leärdinoth.

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If either roll fails and the chest is opened it will be Teleported (Mage, Lofty Bridge) to to Leardinoth's chamber above leaving a Fireball (+30) in its place. The chest contains Telleman's spell book and a ring. The book contains all of the Mage Only lists as well as those of Open Essence. The ring is magical and gives its wearer double his normal power points if he is a user of Essence. If Telleman sees the need, and has time to get to it he will be wearing this if the castle comes under attack.

Inside the thatchroofed stone building lives a great, winged Fell Beast. For his trips to his master at Dol Guldur, the Mage has been given charge of the monster as a mount. The inside of the barn reeks of the beast's foul smell and is strewn with its leavings and bits of the carcasses on which it feeds. It is a most ill tempered creature and will viciously attack anyone (except Leardinoth or Pochak) who comes near it. 10. Practice Yard. The earth in this yard is beaten flat after years of drilling by the Orc guards.

Gr (Greaves) "A" and "L" are used to indicate arm and leg greaves respectively. OB's (OffensiveBonuses) Weapon abbreviations follow OB's fa—falchion, ss—short sword, bs—broadsword, sc—scimitar, th—two-handed sword, ma — mace, ha — hand axe, wh — war hammer, ba — battle axe, wm — war mattock, cl — club, qs — quarter staff, da — dagger, sp — spear, ml—mounted lance, ja—javelin, pa—pole arm, si—sling, cb—composite bow, sb—short bow, Ib—long bow, lcb—light crossbow, hcb — heavy crossbow, bo — bola, wp — whip, ts — throwing star, hb — halberd.

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