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By Philip Haythornthwaite, Richard Hook

Within the campaigns of the French progressive and Napoleonic Wars, the deserved popularity of the British infantry has tended to overshadow the contribution of the cavalry, yet in truth they did shape a vital part of the military, undertaking tasks the most important to the good fortune of alternative hands. British Cavalryman 1792-1815 recounts what those tasks have been and examines the boys who played them. the several regiments of the cavalry are indexed and a few of the arm's extra unique or specialist corps, reminiscent of the King's German Legion, tested.

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These sort of men be those that do not lightly quit the field, but bide the brunt to the death,' observed Nowell. ' Stanihurst described them in 1584 as 'altogether sanguinary and by no means inclined to give quarter', elsewhere adding that 'should they come to close fighting, they either soon kill, or are killed'. This he puts down to the fact that upon recruitment each galloglass swore a great oath that he would never turn his back on the enemy, whatever the circumstances. Certainly, of the nine battles of galloglasses fielded by Burke at the Battle of Knockdoe there escaped 'but one thin battalion'.

Neither did I ever see them perform anything with bold resolution. ' Elsewhere he accuses them of 'basely withdrawing from danger' when threatened, 39 and of giving little help to their infantry, citing the Battle of Kinsale where they broke their own foot in their haste to get away. By contrast he observes that 'our English horsemen, having deep war saddles and using pistols as well as spears and swords, and many of them having corselets and like defensive arms, and being bold and strong for encounters and long marches, and of greater stature than the Irish, our troops must needs have great advantage over theirs'.

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