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By Loren Coleman

Within the chaos of the interstellar communications blackout, the Capellan Chancellor has despatched operative Mai Wa to aid freedom fighter Evan Kurst free up his homeworld. yet Mai has betrayed Kurst prior to, and Evan’s greatest challenge is understanding who to belief in a global the place today’s best friend is tomorrow’s enemy.

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He felt no tremor of weapons fire, heard no call to general quarters. Burning Petals was boosting back into a holding orbit, and had been given a safety escort of at least two fighters. Something was going on below. “I have to see what this is,” Samuels said, walking bowlegged for the nearest hatch. He paused, looked back. html Michaelson nodded. “Did you. . ” Petty Officer Samuels couldn’t seem to find the perfect question. His blue eyes snagged again on the glossy ruin, winced. ” That was obviously the best he could do.

An abandoned factory stood dark and decrepit nearby. Evan went through an old door without pausing, shattering it into an explosion of splintered wood. Waiting for him in the cavernous interior was an old moving truck with back door rolled up and ramp extended. It was the work of a few moments to climb into the back, shed the power armor, and seal the truck up. Two minutes after that Evan was driving into light traffic, the spaceport and the authorities behind him, lost again among the people of Liao.

They had held the ground nearest to Paris, fighting alongside the Northwind Highlanders. But Michaelson had not been a part of that battle. His trial had come earlier. ” the crewman asked. Michaelson dropped his hand back to his side. “I most certainly did. Hero of the hour. ” “You didn’t hear? The countess turned ’em down. Flat. She took her Highlanders and left. Man, that woman has some brass ones. I mean . . ” No doubt Petty Officer Samuels had other questions too—everyone did. Ritter Michaelson’s new life would make certain that he relived the event over and over again.

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