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By Irving Chernev

Those 60 whole video games, annotated all through, emphasize the Cuban master's stylish, vintage, actual, deadly endgame play opposed to Alekhine, Lasker, Marshall, Nimzowitsch, R?ti, the easiest. listed below are genuine video games from fit and match play, with endings that appear like long-contemplated artistic endeavors.

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Attacking the Rook Pawn is out of the question, as after 30. Rf6-h6 31 f3xg4 Rh6xh4 32 g4xf5+ wins the unfortunate Rook, while 30. h7-h5 is countered with 31 f3-f4, tying Black up completely. . (a) His Pawns would be unable t o move. (bl His Rooks would be tied to the defence of the Queen Rook Pawn. Position after 34 h4-h5 Black misses an opportunity t o draw by 34 . . f5-f4. If then 35 e3xf4, Rb7-e7+ 36 K e 2 - f l Rf7xf4 37 Ra6xa7 Re7-e3! ( c ) His King could not retreat without breaking the line of communication of his Rooks.

The move, however, was not new. It was played by Vidmar against Alekhine at Carlsbad in 1911. Alekhine uncorked a beautiful series of surprise moves that bowled the worthy Doctor over. T h i s is what followed: 8 Ne5-g4 Nf6xe4 9 Ng4-h6t Kg8-h8 10 Rfl-el Ending 13 d7-d5 1 1 d2-d3 Qe8-e5 12 d3xe4 d5-d4 13 a2-a3 d4xc3 14 a3xb4 c3xb2 15 Mh6xf7+ Kh8-g8 16 R a l -bT ! ) Rf8xf7 17 Bcl xb2 Qe5-g5 18 Qd 1 -d3, and Alekhine eventually won a brilliant game. 8 Ne5-d3! Simple and powerful-the Capablanca style.

Qa5-a4 10 Bc4-b5+ Qa4xb5 11 NdSxc7+ does the trick) Game 6 10 Bd2-b4 Qc5-c6 1 1 Bc4-b5 and the Queen i s caught, as 11 . . Qc6xb5 allows the Knight fork by 12 Nd5xc7+. 8 g2+g4! Bf5-c8 Dispirited, the Bishop goes back home. 9 Bc'l-d2 Qa5-c7 T h e Queen, too, prudently retreats. 10 11 Ne233 Qdl-e2 e7-e6 Nb8-d7 12 g4-g5! Nf6-g8 Surprisingly enough, the Knight too must turn back. Moving t o d5 instead loses a Pawn after 13 Bc4xd5 c6xd5 14 Nc3xd5, and Black may not recapture. 13 f3-f4 b7-b5 ' 14 15 Bd-b3 Nc3-e4 Nd7c5 Nc5xb3 White has lost a stalwart Bishop, but i n return he gains an open file for the use of his Queen Rook.

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