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By Irving Chernev

I selected this quantity for an easy library the place I trainer chess. scholars can have a few hassle, yet Capablanca is a wizard and his notation is well by way of scholars who're versed in algebraic notation.

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Thorough type of 23 mating occasions, together with Legal's pseudo-sacrifice, the double cost, smothered mate, Greco's mate, the hall mate, and so forth. research from 127 video games via Tartakower, Janowski, Rubinstein, Blackburne, others, illustrating positional maneuvers resulting in those associates.

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This can be the simplest ebook written concerning the King's Gambit, written through the guy who understands the topic in and out: Grandmaster Joe Gallagher.

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Ra2xb2! 41 Rblxb2 c4-c3+ 42 Kd2-cl c3xb2+ 43 K c l x b 2 Kc5-c4 44 Kb2-cl d4-d3 45 c2xd3+ Kc4xd3 46 f3-f4 (otherwise 46 . Kd3-e3 wins a t once) 46. eSxf4 47 e4-e5 Wf3, and Black wins. . ii This prepares for a possible breakthrough by . 95-94. 40 ... 04-~3 Game 10 41 Rbl-cl d4-d3! This is the position: 42 c2xd3 Two other moves allow amusing Pawn forks: (a) 42 Rcl-bl d3xc2+ winning the Rook. (b) 42 K d l - e l d3-d2t winning the Rook. 42 43 ... Ra2-h2 Rcl-c2 Any other move by King or Rook loses the Rook instantly.

Rgl - d l + 43 Kd3-c2 R d l - h l 44 M - b 5 R h l x h 5 45 Ra6xc6t Yd6-d7 46 Rc6-a6. A slight inaccuracy, according t o Capablanca himself. He should have played (he says) 34 f2-f4, and if Page 19 Game 6 and the rest is an easy win for White. 42 Ra2-g2 43 Rg2-g7 Re7-e6 After all its threatening gestures on the 0-side, White's energetic Rook rushes to force a decision on the K-side. 43 ... 44 Rg7-g8 Re6-e7 cGc5 Practically throwing himself on the sword, but he cannot saue his Pawns. The threat is 45 898418 Re7-e6 46 Rh8-f8 winning the King Bishop Pawn.

22 Ending 5 Position after 21 . . Ra8-08 Kreymbourg 23 24 b2-b3 c4xb3+ a2xb3 Kg847 25 Kd-d3 Apparently with the idea of breaking up the center Pawns, but Capablanca has something else in mind. 25 Capablanca to move Material is even, but White has a positional advantage: (a) His King stands closer t o the center. (b) His Rooks have more potential for attack. One Rook bears down on Black's center Pawns, the other is ready to seize an open file. (c) His Pawn position is superior, Black's center Pawns being unable to move without loss.

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