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By Larry J. Doyle

Through the years, the sphere of sedimentology has turn into subdivided into a number of specialities. of the biggest teams are those that examine clastic rocks and people who examine carbonates. there's little verbal exchange among the 2: journals look that are completely dedicated to one or the opposite, and learn meetings are typically at the same time specific. however, rocks themselves can't be "pigeon-holed" during this manner - the facies switch from clastic to carbonate either laterally and during time. This quantity stems from the editors' observations of such adjustments within the Gulf of Mexico and their attention that those geologically vital transitions have been being principally overlooked as a result of expert compartmentilization. The e-book opens with a bankruptcy which supplies an outline of the complete photo of world styles of carbonate and clastic sedimentation. It then proceeds to a dialogue of sedimentary versions of siliciclastic deposits and coral reef relationships. the remainder of the booklet contains 8 case experiences on carbonate-clastic transitions, and a last bankruptcy on regulate of carbonate-clastic sedimentation structures by way of baroclinic coastal currents

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These facies may be grouped in two associations which represent each one of the most significant sub-environments that can be identified in these systems. These facies associations are: 1) alluvial facies association, and 2 ) depositional lobes facies association (Fig. 2 ) . The depositional lobes facies association is the facies association that specifically concerns us, with regard to the relationship between siliciclastics and reef carbonate deposits. This association consists of conglomerates and sandstones which are distributed to form sedimentary bodies with lobe configuration (Fig.

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