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Ah 4+ 6 @fl. This position could a l s o be 6 @e2+ Black should play 6 ... ae7!. I t would then be reached via t h e Cunningham. I t seems to me t h a t dangerous for White to try Black h a s wasted too much and win a pawn a s Black time. g. 7 c4 0-0 1986/87, continued: 6 ... ) 6 ... 0-0 (6 ... Q g 4 7 bS 10 Q x b S &a6 11 d6! c d 12 a d 3 0-0 8 0-0 and White's a 4 and Black has no com- central pawns a r e strong). In this position, 7 Q e S is pensation f o r t h e pawn. recommended, (c) 4 ... c6 S d 4 a d 6 (After normally S ...

Bxas 23 Q x b 4 ga8 24 c6+ Qxc6 25 dc+ @xc6 26 Qxf8 Exf8 27 Qc3! White threatens to transfer his bishop to t h e long diagonal, a f t e r which his a-pawn will become t h e s t a r of t h e show. Meanwhile, Black's knight on hS continues to look r a t h e r sad. 27 If 27 ... E d 8 t h e n 28 Q d l i s strong. 2 8 QdS+ @d7 29 Q f 3 g6 ... ) 1 e4 eS 2 f4 ef Q x f 7 ) IS Q x f 4 0-0-0 16 Qg3 e h 3 17 Qxc6 n x g 3 18 Q x e 7 + @b8 19 @f2 with a clear advantage f o r White (Glaskov). 6 Qe7 The main alternative, 6 ...

Ec6 Black tries t o s t o p nxh6+. But ... 32 Exc4I Exc4 33 nxh6+! g h 34 @xh6+ @g8 35 @e6+ 1-0 ... Game 28 Hebden - Geller Moscow 1986 1 eS ef 3 dS 4 ed Q f6 S Qc4 QxdS 6 0-0 Qe6 (87) By defending his knight with t h e bishop, Black makes i t less attractive for White t o capture on dS, as there is no longer any time t o be gained by pushing around the 'black queen. 5 13 a4! The queenside is now under heavy pressure a s 13 ... c 6 fails to 14 a b cb 15 QxbS. Black h a s no choice b u t to seek counterplay against d4.

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