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By J. Souletie, J. Vannimenus, R. Stora

Probably the most fascinating difficulties set to reliable nation physicists, usually at the borderline of alternative disciplines (mechanical engineering, chemistry, biology, hydrodynamics, machine science), have their beginning within the interaction of subject and randomness. This box has visible the emergence of the main impressive successes of the previous few years that have occasionally opened unforeseen new avenues - for instance the speculation of spin-glasses with its impression on quite a few domain names similar to laptop assisted layout, the version for mind and the advance of simulations on distinctive function pcs. This final good fortune has been one of many major motivations for organizing one other summer time college dedicated to the issues which consequence from the interaction of topic and randomness.
All the classes got via experts of their specific box and the themes lined integrated percolation and random media, aggregation, localization (electrons and waves), trend choice, spin-glasses, and macroscopic quantum results. Emphasis was once put on novel equipment and the debatable open questions that proceed to make the sector full of life and aggressive.

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Thermodynamical Principles and the Landau Theory of Phase Transitions if we consider the fact that in the first-order transition the order parameter may emerge with a finite amplitude at 7;" so that higher-order terms like C'1 6 may not be quite negligible even at temperatures close to 7;,. 6. Order-Parameter Susceptibility, the Curie-Weiss Law, and Domains Depending on the physical nature, the order parameter '1 can respond to an applied field or stress F, and the Gibbs potential should include the interaction energy -a'1F, where a is a constant.

L( t _ t _ t + Cf>mR t Cf>mL ) 2 Cf>mL Cf>mL Cf>mR Cf>mR Cf>mL Cf>mR t(Cf>mLtCf>mL = t(O"mz - O"mx)' t(1 + O"mx)' ete. py~, we ean write as and all other asymmetrie elements, sueh as v++_+, vanish by virtue of 3. Pseudospins and Their Collective Modes in Displacive Crystals 48 symmetry. ,m+1 = 2v++ __ - v++++ - v ____ . 10c) V. 3) can be used for the analysis. As remarked, pseudospins at normallattice sites are correlated primarily by short-range interactions at temperatures below 7;,. 7a). Thus, pseudospins tend to exhibit a classical character with increasing correlations.

5) where Jmn is a parameter for the magnitude of the correlation between Um and U n , and the negative sign is attached for convenience. 5) can be derived from a physical description of short-range interactions in crystals. 5) expresses correlations Jmn between two lattice points m and n in general, for many applications only interactions at short distances rmn are sufficient, and we only consider interactions with nearest neighbors, or including up to the next nearest neighbors in some cases. As an example, we consider a binary system AB, where A and B represent the binary states (or an atom A or an atom B) at a site m in a simple lattice.

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