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The tests you will do are classified as qualitative tests, ones that identify the presence or absence of a . particular substance in a sample. This is in contrast to quantitative tests that determine the amount of a specific substance present in a sample. You will test for the presence of iron(III), Fe3 +, and calcium, Ca2 + , cations, as well as chloride, CI-, and sulfate, SOl-, anions. (Notice that when the positive or negative charge of an ion is more than one, WATERS 34 ~ Solutions Color Precipitate Is Ion Present?

When the water supply is shut off, as in Riverwood, it's usually for a short time. WATER A 16 • After filtration to catch the larger solids, the water passes through equipment where reverse osmosis is used to produce purified water. water in storage. As a result, during brief periods of severe weather island customers can manage without the plant being in operation. • Aquatic wildlife (manatee) is unaffected by adding water back to the water cycle. Eighty percent of IWA's feed water is converted into drinkable water.

12. Dispose of the wellplate contents and return the equipment according to directions given by your teacher. 13. Wash your hands thoroughly before leaving the laboratory. 4 MOLECULAR VIEW OF WATER A scanning tunneling microscope image of copper-phthalocyanine. The image reveals individual atoms in the distinctive four-Ieaf-clovershaped molecule. WATER' 28 So far in our investigation of water, we have focused on observing its properties with our unaided senses. To understand why water has such special properties, however, we must examine it at the level of its atoms.

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