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For that reason, assigning a specific date to the discovery of an element can also be difficult. Does one choose the date and person when a new compound of the element is discovered, when the pure element itself is prepared, when the discoverer publicly announces his or her discovery, or when official confirmation of the discovery is announced? For all these reasons, the dates and names listed below must be considered as somewhat ambiguous. For more detailed information about the discovery of each element, the reader should refer to the entry for that element in the main body of this set of books.

Metals: Elements that have a shiny surface, are good conductors of heat and electricity, and can be melted, hammered into thin sheets, and drawn into thin wires. Micronutrient: A substance needed in very small amounts to maintain good health. Misch metal: A metal that contains different rare earth elements and has the unusual property of giving off a spark when struck. Mohs scale: A way of expressing the hardness of a material. Mordant: A material that helps a dye stick to cloth. Nanotubes: Long, thin, and extremely tiny tubes.

Also thanks to Lemma Shomali for lending her content expertise to this set. All your efforts are greatly appreciated. Comments and Suggestions We welcome your comments on this work as well as suggestions for future science titles. com. Chemical Elements, 2nd Edition xxix Timeline: The Discovery of Elements Assigning credit for the discovery of a new element is often a difficult and complicated process. First, many elements were in use well before recorded history. In some cases, these elements were known in the form of their compounds, but not as pure elements.

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