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By R Ingram, P Gallagher

Chemistry Made transparent is prevalent as a middle GCSE Chemistry textual content, or because the Chemistry element of a balanced technology direction. scholars can be capable of finding issues out quick and simply one of the simplified factors. * every one double-page unfold bargains with a distinct subject and comprises questions * examination point questions on the finish of every bankruptcy * Line drawings and images spotlight the real-life purposes of chemistry Chemistry Made transparent is usually instructed by way of college of Cambridge foreign Examinations for IGCSE Chemistry.

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Graphite Graphite is made of flat sheets of carbon atoms: I I I :-weak forces Each carbon atom forms covalent bonds to three others. This gives rings of six atoms, that join to make flat sheets. The sheets of atoms lie on top of each other, held together by weak forces. This is a side view of a piece of graphite, magnified 5 million times! The dark lines are the sheets of atoms. Graphite has these properties: 1 It is soft and slippery. This is because the sheets of atoms can slide over each other easily.

B Is it made of molecules, or does it have a giant structure? How can you tell? c What type of bond is formed between the hydrogen and bromine atoms in hydrogen bromide? Show this on a diagram. d Write a formula for hydrogen bromide. e Name two other compounds that would have bonding similar to hydrogen bromide. f Write formulae for these two compounds. 14 a Use the structures of diamond and graphite to explain why: i graphite is used for the 'lead' in pencils ii diamonds are used in cutting tools b Give two reasons why: i copper is used in electrical wiring ii steel is used for domestic radiators c Ethanol is used as the solvent in perfume and aftershave, because it evaporates easily.

A Geiger counter being used to check rubber gloves for radioactivity. Making use of radiation Tracers Oil is often carried long distances in buried pipes. Engineers can check the pipes for leaks by adding a radioactive substance to the oil. Some of it will leak out with the oil, into the ground. Then the leak can be located using a Geiger counter. Radioactive substances used in this way are called tracers. Tracers are very useful in medicine. For example, the radioactive gas krypton-81 is used for checking lungs.

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