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By Jose Capablanca

J.R. Capablanca used to be an international Chess Champion and one of many maximum avid gamers in chess historical past, but he wrote little or no concerning the online game. Chess basics, even though usually for the start participant, includes useful insights that may profit avid gamers in any respect degrees of knowing, together with masters. Capablanca explains:
·How to procure and nurture a handed pawn
·How to get and hold the initiative
·Cardinal principles for rook and pawn endings
·How to assault utilizing knight because the major force
·How to chop off enemy pieces
Chess basics is likely one of the jewels of chess literature.

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Rd6. The fact that out of one apparently simple ending we have been able to work out several most unusual and difficult endings should be sufficient to impress upon the student's mind the necessity of becoming well acquainted with all kinds of endings, and especially with endings of Rook and pawns. 29. A Difficult Ending: Two Rooks and Pawns Following our idea that the best way to learn endings as well as openings is to study the games of the masters, we give two more endings of two Rooks and pawns.

There is one more thing of great importance, and that is that the winning side has always had a general strategical plan capable of being carried out with the means at his disposal, while often the losing side had no plan at all, but simply moved according to the needs of the moment. 30. Rook, Bishop and Pawns vs Rook, Knight and Pawns A final example of preserving freedom whilst imposing restraint. We shall now examine an ending of Rook, Bishop and pawns against Rook, Knight and From the first game of the Lasker - Marshall Championship Match in 1907.

Their importance will have become evident to the student who has taken the trouble to study my game with Janowski (Example 53). After an uneventful opening a Ruy Lopez - in one of its normal variations, my opponent suddenly made things interesting by offering the exchange; an offer which, or course, I accepted. Then followed a very hard, arduous struggle, in which I had to defend myself against a very dangerous attack made possible by the excellent manoeuvring of my adversary. Finally, there came the time when I could give back the material and change off most of the pieces, and come to an ending in which I clearly have the advantage.

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