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No. 20 although J. Berger, 1889 White to play and draw, 1 Rh7+ Kg2 2 Rg7+ Kh3 (the f - f i l e is p r o h i b i t e d to the k i n g , In View of Rf7) 3 Rh7+ Kg4 4 Rg7+ KhS 5 Rh7+ Kg5 6 Rg7+ Kh6 | 7 Rh7+ Kg6 B Rh6+! Kxh6 stalemate. In the i n i t i a l p o s i t i o n the black queen can occupy any square on the f - f i l e apart from f5, and the i result w i l l be the same — a d r a w . Queen against pawn Endings of this type have been exhaustively studied in theory and 44 are of a text-book Seven Chess Letters nature, bul No.

F 4 also follows after 1 KhZ or 1 b 5 . On 1 Kgl there can follow 1 . . K a 6 2 Kg2 f i 3 c5 Kb5 4 Kgi g d , when Black w i n s . Third Letter AN ANCIENT MATE Slowly rotating our 'kaleidoscope', you can observe in it the various colours of the chess spectrum: topics from chess history, psychology, composition and geometry. Considerable attention has also been devoted to pure chess. In the last ' l e t t e r ' of the book, lo say nothing of its t h i r d p a r t , w i l l be given games (or extracts from them) belonging — without exception — to World Champions!

In this case things proceed wi rhout any preparatory operations: 1 Nc5+ Kb8 2 Nd7+ KcB 3 Nb6++ Kb8 4 Qc8+ Rxc8 5 Nd7 mate. A reflection of this unfading combination can sometimes also be seen In the games of the outstanding players of our time. The following position was reached In a game from one of the 1976 Interzonal Tournaments. Re7 there 3 Ngf7 mate, while Black has no other defence mate by 2 Qg8+ RxgB 3 Nf7 mate. attacking, and he now blow — 1 Nh6! Black follows 2 Qxe7 Bxe7 against the smothered One of the authors of this book once attempted to give a smothered mate in a tournament (simultaneous displays do not count, of course; in them this ancient combination is eternally young).

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