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This can be a fabulous publication. really, no longer the entire positions in it are common chess endings; a few are middlegames, and a few are very inconceivable (page 115.) The strategies in it are rather invaluable (see my preface below.) i've got re-compiled, and re-organized the full publication for private reference. If the entire felony concerns are lined, a re-publication is kind of attainable. Following is the 1st a part of my preface: "Chess is a kind of conflict idea. To win warfare the army operation needs to be triumphant. The operation is the coordination of many various militia. In chess, even the best checkmate (R+K vs okay) calls for the right kind association of the checking strength and the proscribing strength at the contrary strength. I learn Chernev's chessboard magic approximately 15 years in the past, and was once surprised through many checkmate or game-saving styles. for instance: the ladder subject of challenge 131 and the criss-cross development of challenge 15. I felt that they have been basically compositions for coming into contests; no longer having any pratical feel. convinced, a few of them are manner open air the chess truth; even if a few are good sufficient. we know a good published knight might make a decision a video game. yet a knight by myself cannot do a lot; another piece needs to take part the crusade to deliver it to a end. Capablanca wrote, pupil needs to study the coordination among the queen and knight since it will be tremendous invaluable in tactical chess. In my very fresh video game, after a wild commencing the placement regarded particularly undesirable for me. If i made a decision to play defensively, i might lose a pawn needless to say and the sport ultimately becuase I had in basic terms five mins at the clock as opposed to quarter-hour on my opponent's. I observed that i may strength exchange my rook pair for his queen and pawn. With the initiative used to be nonetheless handy; if i may strategically submit the knight, i might be ready to strength a draw through perpectually checking his ok by way of my Q. His rook pair and black sq. bishop couldn't support a lot; simply because I deliberate to play at the white sqaures merely. The diffence within the variety of pawns didn't give a contribution a lot to the result. through attempting to not easy to win with the additional pawn, he allow me checkmate him. The draw was once effectively the higher consequence. So, the adventure within the coordinate of items may possibly win or draw video games; in particular while the clock is working down. At this degree the strategies are the most guns. Like Chernev's the main Intructive video games of Chess Ever performed, this Chessboard Magic! is fantactic, very intertaining and has a few pratical use. the single whinge, i've got, is, just like the such a lot Intructive, this booklet used to be no longer prepared in any specific subject matter. it's very demanding to remember what the coed learns. Mr. Chernev and readers have first-class purposes to love his association. I did not comprehend the common sense. they're correct once they imagine that if the readers wish to see the subject matter; they could simply use chess endgame books. i want to re-arrangement this a bit in a different way. First it really is used as an academic notice for me. i may lookup the subject matter whilst i have to; or while i do know my rivals desire a few particular items i will be able to beware of these strategies and use a few strategies whilst i've got these items. moment, if the ebook may be beneficial for a few chess avid gamers to organize for his/her fit good, i think that i've got paid my end result of the chess group. ..."

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There were many ways for White to win. Besides the strongest continuation 3 1 Q-NS Q-Q l 32 R x R N xR 33 R-Q l Q-B2 34 Q-KS, 3 1 R x R Q x R (3 1 . . N x R 32 Q-K5) 32 P-QR4 ! (White must keep his QR pawn) followed by Q-Q4 was also sufficient. Q-Q l ! 31 . . Now the Black queen breaks out into the open. 35 Q-KB4 Q-B3 32 R x R NxR 33 R-Ql Q-N4+ 36 N-R4 N-B4 34 K-B2 After 36 N-Q7 Q-N7+ 37 K-Nl B xN 38 R xB Q-R8 + 39 K-N2 Q-R7+ 40 K-R3 Q-K3, or 36 N-B4 B x N 37 Q xB Q--N7+ 3 8 Q-K2 Q x P Black has no serious problems.

Nimzo-Indian Defence Karpov-Spassky April 22nd P-Q4 7 0-0 1 N-KB3 N-B3 P-QB4 P-K3 8 P-QR3 2 B xN 9 PxB B-N5 3 N-QB3 QP xP 4 N-B3 P-B4 10 B xBP Q-B2 5 P-K3 11 B-Q3 P-Q4 0-0 6 B-Q3 It has long been known that this continuation gives White no advan. tage. 1 1 B-K2 leads to more interesting play. P-K4 14 P x N 11 QxP R-Kl 15 P-B3 1 2 Q-B2 B-K3 13 NxP NxN 16 P-K4 QR-Qt This move emphasizes that the further advance of the White pawns presents no danger to Black's well-developed forces. For example, 1 7 P-KB4 Q-B2 1 8 P-K5 ( 1 8 P-B4 Q-Q3) 1 8 .

P-QN4, when Black has hopes of making something of his initiative. PxP 27 K-B3 RxR 24 P x P RxR 28 NxR P-B4 25 RxR . N-Q4+ 26 R-QBl Black limits the mob iii ty of the Wh ite king and the knight at N3, and also cuts off White's KRP from his KNP. However, this is not sufficient for a real advantage. 29 N-Q3 K-Q3 SPASSKY-KARPOV, 4TH GAME 37 After 29 . . P-N5 30 N-KB1 N(Q2)-B3 3 1 N-K3 K-Q3 32 P-N3, by exchanging his KRP for Black's QNP, White again obtains an equal ending. 30 P-R4! The simplest way to a draw.

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