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By Stuart Woods

The compelling mystery that introduced the occupation of best-selling novelist Stuart Woods in an anniversary hardcover edition.

within the sour wintry weather of 1920, the 1st physique is located in Delano, Georgia; the bare corpse of an unidentified teen. there's no direct proof of homicide, however the physique bears marks of what seems a ritual beating. The research falls to Will Henry Lee, a failed cotton farmer newly appointed as Delano's first leader of police. Lee's obsession with the crime starts a narrative that weaves in the course of the many years, following the lifetime of a small southern city and the function of 3 police chiefs in unraveling the crime. Chiefs is the easiest type of mystery, the place the research performs out opposed to the drama underneath the outside of a doubtless placid neighborhood, seething with the pressures of race, love, hate, and; continually; political strength, extending from town fathers all of the strategy to Washington, DC. With a brand new foreword via the writer, this quantity can be a collector's treasure for all fanatics of Stuart Woods.

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He indicated the piece of ground between the firehouse and he back door of city hall. "I thought this would be a good place to build. The city owns a few feet more frontage on this side than on the other. " "I've got one or two ideas, but I think we ought to ask Skeeter what he thinks about it. " Skeeter grinned. 'ou got a real smart chief here, Hugh; knows when to ask the advice of his sheriff. That won't last long, though. " "Well, Skeeter," said Will Henry, "I guess we better get our money's worth out of you while we can.

Will Henry snapped to. He lowered the gun to waist level and slipped his finger into the trigger guard. , "Just stand right there. " SkeetetWillis was coming through the door of the dty hall with Hugh Holmes. Holmes had been explaining that he thought it was a little soon to go asking the council for more police money. They stopped and stared at Will Henry and his prisoners. "Jesus Christ," Skeeter Willis said. The following few minutes were a jerky montage for Will Henry. There was Skeeter snapping handcuffs on the two young men; Holmes leading the party around to the bank, w, here two large holes were discovered in the front window; the staff still : lying on the cold marble floor, two of them (one a man) weeping; and Holmes, while the two young men were being securely cuffed to a water pipe in the next room, conducting an ira promptu city-council meeting during which motions were swiftly adopted authorizing an addition to the new firehouse for CHI II police headquarters and an expenditure o a $35o for ire arm handcuffs, uniforms, and other essential police equipment.

There was a thoughtful silence. " "He's a good persuader. " "I went to country school with him. " "Yes," said Holmes. "But if he works out, I think we ought to consider giving him more after a while. " "He's a good man in the church. " "About thirty. " There was silence again. Holmes had not spoken except to answer questions. Now he said his piece. "Will Henry's a responsible man. He's not stupid, and I don't think he'd ever use the job to push anybody around, the way Foxy might. He pays his bills, and he's from an old family in Meriwether County.

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