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Ladykiller: How Conman Bruce Burrell Kidnapped and Killed Rich Women for Their Money

In may perhaps 1997, mother-of-three Kerry Whelan disappears that allows you to a beautician's appointment. Twenty-four hours later her husband gets a ransom letter: there'll be no moment percentages. keep on with all directions or your spouse will die. The case sparked Australia's maximum police manhunt, with detectives locked right into a lethal ready online game for the kidnapper to make touch.

Smack Express: How Organised Crime Got Hooked On Drugs

Exposes the reality in regards to the multi-million greenback heroin trafficking enterprise and divulges the uncooked insides of the in a fashion just a policeman could.

Organised crime in Australia doesn't simply exist on our tv monitors. the true international of significant crime operates on a daily basis and in each nation of the rustic. it's a multi-billion greenback company and at its center are the drug exchange and an international of secrecy and self-protection the place intimidation and violence are used because the first and in basic terms resort.

Smack show takes us deep into this international and unravels the net of felony connections which are on the center of the Australian underworld. it really is approximately stand over retailers, great time drug buyers and small time crims, politicians, corrupt police, informants, undercover police officers, agreement killers, legal gangs, and attorneys and accountants working at the fringe of the legislations. it's also concerning the Calabrian Mafia, triads and a world milieu that has connections throughout Southeast Asia and into Columbia.

Authoritative and meticulously researched, Clive Small and Tom Gilling healthy jointly every thing of this scary and engaging puzzle. Theirs is the booklet on organised crime for this new release.

Fraud Examination

Learn how to establish, discover, examine, and forestall monetary fraud with the newest variation of FRAUD exam, 4E. research and comprehend the character of fraud research this present day with memorable company examples and diverse real fraud situations to make sure your knowing of modern-day most crucial fraud thoughts.

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When the recreational use of ketamine rose sharply in the 1990s, for example, law enforcement officials noticed a new and unusual type of crime: Veterinary clinics and suppliers that kept ketamine were being robbed. Strident efforts by law enforcement have somewhat diminished this supply. Today, most of Amateur—and the ketamine used recreationally is supsometimes plied by international drug traffickers, unscrupulous— principally in Mexico. chemists have Unlike Rohypnol and ketamine, been known to GHB is easily manufactured in private add industrial homes and makeshift labs, even using solvents and recipes found on the Internet.

Evidence of using [date is mounting, moreover, that date rape rape] drugs drugging is not always for the commiswith the intent sion of a sexual crime. In 2006, for exto commit a ample, an Illinois man was charged with crime of viosmothering his wife to death after druglence face stiff ging her with GHB so that she would penalties. be unable to fend off the attack. Other victims have reported being robbed after they were sedated with these drugs. “ Prevention Strategies at the Federal Level ” As drug-facilitated rape came into sharp focus in the 1990s, federal policy makers took swift action to address the threat.

Rosenbaum is the director of the San Francisco office of the Drug Policy Alliance. Primary Source Quotes “ Ecstasy use has spread to bars, college campuses, and high schools and junior high schools across the country. What began primarily as an urban threat has now become a national crisis. ” —Narconon of Southern California, “Ecstasy Abuse Rising,” 2006. Narconon is an international network of inpatient drug rehabilitation and education service providers. Bracketed quotes indicate conflicting positions.

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